How much does a Roof Restoration cost?

This is impossible to answer, different roofs will require different work depending on age and condition, the size of the roof is another factor to consider, this is the reason why warning signs should kick in when you see fixed prices being advertised.

How long does a  Roof Restoration take to complete?

The average roof restoration carried out by HILLHOUSE ROOF RESCUE will take between 2-3 days for a smaller house, bigger houses can take 3-5 or even 5 days + for really large properties with a lot of roof space.

Does HILLHOUSE ROOF RESCUE have guarantees for your roof restoration?

YES! It is against the law not to have consumer protection against any work carried out, this is one of the reasons you need to be careful when you have work carried out by people who are unlicensed, and these same legal provisions will be harder to prove if you do not have your work carried out by a licensed professional.

What Products and Materials are used for roof restorations carried out by HILLHOUSE ROOF RESCUE?

HILLHOUSE ROOF RESCUE only uses premium products and materials, manufactured in Australia specifically designed to combat the unique and harsh Australian climate.