Peeling Roof Restoration

Peeling Roof Restoration, Peeling Roof Respray, Peeling Roof Repair

Unfortunately… All too often in the Roof Restoration game, we see the painted membrane peel and fail due to the incorrect preparation and application from inexperienced applicators.

Here’s an example


This is why it’s vital that homeowners engage a skilled and qualified contractor from the get-go, as rectification of a peeling roof is always more expensive than the original job would have been. The time required to strip the loose paint and clean up the vast mess it makes, is the primary reason for the extra expense.

Fixing the problem properly is certainly not for the inexperienced….. Of course at HILLHOUSE ROOF RESCUE we ( namely myself ) are very experienced at fixing the problem to a level that no one would never know it had existed when we are done.

The rectification steps are to firstly strip the roof with a very high pressure water blaster leaving a surface similar to the one below…. In most cases not all the paint will come off… just the loose paint is needed to be removed, anything that sticks tight will be fine.


It’s always a good idea after removing the paint to apply the sealer/primer the same day, so as to bind down any paint edges… or you might find the edges of the paint you couldn’t remove will curl up overnight, requiring you to re-strip the roof.

The final result after the remaining coats of high gloss roof membrane will look like the below photo. Notice it looks SPANKIN new….


HILLHOUSE ROOF RESCUE would love to assist you in the event that you have been on the receiving end of a bad restoration…. as usual it’s our specialty, and we can rectify any problems you might have.

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