Terracotta roof restoration

Terracotta Restoration, Terracotta Cleaning

Terracotta roof tiles have an impressive natural colour variation and a level of durability unmatched by cement tiles. However due to the increased difficulty in maintenance , they are often left to slowly degrade under a heavy layer of moss.

HILLHOUSE ROOF RESCUE has an unmatched level of experience in terracotta roofing, having successfully restored 100′s of them throughout Brisbane.You can have complete confidence in our ability to restore your clay tile roof to a better than new condition.

terracotta clean

This is the process we use

We assess the roof inside and out to determine its condition, checking for signs of fretting, a condition which can be fatal for terracotta tiles.Whilst most roofs contain some fretting, it takes an experienced contractor to determine if it’s feasible to continue the repairs.

Once the roof is cleared for restoration, any broken tiles are replaced, tanks disconnected, and waste water from the cleaning process is diverted away from sensitive areas.

The roof is cleaned using high pressure water from special rotating jets, which remove the harshest of fungus and moss without the need for any cleaning chemicals. Once the roof is cleaned the gutters and downpipes are cleared, and any mess around the property cleaned up.

Work then begins on the ridge capping and flashings, the ridges will be re-bedded or re-pointed based on their condition.

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