Our Warranty

Be very careful of the 10 year warranties you see floating around the roofing industry…

Many businesses are referring to the product warranty of the paint manufacturer, leaving you to deal with them if there is ever a problem…


Or many companies offer you a 10 year warranty… but know full well they plan to weasel their way out of it when they get a call…. and they will get a call… because they lie and overpromise on the ability of there products..

Product review has many examples of this…



I have 20 year’s experience dealing with paint manufacturers… and one thing they all have in common, is that they will never admit to any fault on their part if the coating has in some way become compromised.

They brainwash the consumer with slick advertising to believe that the products they make are vastly superior to the competition… when in most cases… especially with roof coating… they are based on exactly the same resins and tint packs….

All the paint companies’ warranties have the same condition… the warranty only applies to ‘Properly prepared surfaces” ….


And that is the out they will use if ever there is a problem…. they will ALWAYS say you did something wrong with your preparation… and leave you to clean up the mess…


With me, you not only get the almost useless and laughable product warranty…. but i give my own personal 7 year guarantee that the coatings i apply to your roof will not flake, peel or be worn down due to extreme weather… the coating will hold to you tin or tiles as solidly as the first day i applied it…


However, in the interests of disclosure, I am in NO way stating that the roof colour will not fade…. as this is in many ways down to colour choice…


And I am not stating that it won’t get DIRTY…. as light colours encourage MOULD growth, its unavoidable unless you live in a very dry climate…. like the desert (Mt Isa anyone?)


So before you get too impressed by the competitors’ warranties, do a google search to see if they honour them…. reality is only a google search away….


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